Fishing Broome

Fishing is one of the best things to do in and near Broome. Tropical waters are a haven for tropical fish like Spanish Mackerel those of us who love the sport of fishing. There is either the massively long Broome jetty (watch the local kids catch fish you would kill to catch yourself with only a line, hook and a birds feather as a lure), or in one of the many tidal creeks. But be aware that local King Tides can be dangerous and it is strongly advised to obtain a tide chart from the Broome Visitors

Surfing Broome's Cable Beach

During the dry tourist season surf at Cable Beach is small but perfect for beginner surfers to learn to surf. The publisher of this website, Ben Grummels, learned to surf at Cable Beach. Cyclone driven surf during the wet season is much bigger and can produce some of the biggest surf in Australia.
Surfing Cable Beach Broome surf.

Anastasia's Pool

Located at Gantheaume Point and built of local sandstone by a former lighthouse keeper to help ease the pain suffered by his arthritic wife.

Pearlers Row Gallery

Traditional Aboriginal ochre art for sale by local Aboriginal artists.

Bedford Park

Overlooking the spectacular Roebuck Bay. The park includes a replica of the chest that belonged to William Dampier, the discoverer of the area, the local War Memorial and numerous boab trees.

The Shell House

Developed from a private shell collection. Shells are from the waters of the local Kimberley coast. The collection, of over 6,000 shells, preserved fish and crustacea, is open to the public. It also contains a shop that sells souvenirs and Mother of Pearl shell items.

Broome Historical Society Museum

Well worth thing to do in Broome to discover Broome's history. Located in the Old Customs House.

Buccaneers Rock

Believed to be the location where William Dampier careened his ship the Roebuck. There is a plaque commemorating the event.

Anastasia's Pearl Gallery

The Gallery was established to be the local jewellry shop serving locals and visitors alike. But not only is there a wide array of pearl related jewellry but also diamonds (another big Kimberly industry) and other gemstone jewellry as well.
This business is a family affair and they will do all they can to make your visit something to remember.

Broome Bird Observatory

You will need transport to get to the observatory, 25 kms east of the Broome (15 kms of unsealed roads).
The Broome Bird Observatory is recognised as one of the 5 top locations in the world to observe and photograph wader birds.

Broome Crocodile Park

Malcolm Douglas established the Crocodile Park in 1984 while a renowned producer of wildlife documentaries and Australian adventure films. The Brome crocodile park houses over 4,500 crocodiles. There is also another area which is used to farm crocodiles for their meat and skins. Crocodiles have not been removed from their natural habitats except where they have posed a danger to humans.

Captain Gregory's House

Built in 1917 by Captain Gregory on the corner of Hamersley and Carnarvon Streets in Broome. The house became his home and, being one of the most successful businessmen in the Broome pearling industry, it is a great example of what the rich people of the day selected as suitable to house themselves and their families.

Cable Beach Camel Rides

One of the best thing to do in Broome is camel riding along Cable Beach.
Each time of the day has its unique quality. A sunset camel ride is a popular thing to do at Cable Beach.

Courthouse Markets

A popular good family thing to do on the weekend in Broome is to visit the Courthouse Markets. This Broome market is the largest art and craft markets in the Kimberley.
Held every Saturday morning on the corner of Frederick and Hamersley Streets between 8am - 1pm.
Massive array of arts and craft plus food and music - wonderful atmosphere.

Chinatown Broome

A reminder of the history of Broome as it used to be in it's early heydays. It was at Chinatown that the commercial and industrial centre of Broome evolved with all its pearl sheds, saloons, entertainment houses and Chinese food halls.

Broome Courthouse

The old Courthouse is built in distinctive 'Broome style' with which you will become very familiar with if you stay in Broome for a while.
The Broome Court House was the original Cable House (that managed the telephone cable) after which Cable Beach is named.

Chinatown Markets

Normally on Sundays between 8am and 1pm in Johnny Chi Lane (seasonal). Large selection of local art and crafts.

Shinju Matsuri

The 'Festival of the Pearl' is held in August/September each year. It celebrates the pearl harvest, the local Broome pearling industry and Broome's multi-cultural heritage.

Broome Races during the Shinju Matsuri

Going to the Broome races is an interesting thing to do during the Shinju Matsuri. The races held at Granthium Point is much more than horses running arround the race track. There's all sorts of entertainment and things to do such as playing two-up.
stunt horse riding Broome Races.

Cable Beach

The Beach is named after the telephone cable that was first laid to connect Australia with Indonesia. Cable Beach is 6 kms west box jellyfish in broome logofrom the centre of Broome township. Cable Beach is one of the top 5 best beaches in the world and stretches for 22 kms with beautiful white sand and deep blue Indian Ocean waters. It is a safe beach on which to swim. Cable beach has a wide selection of beach things to do.
Caution: November - April there can be box jellyfish and stingers in the water.

Gibb River Road Bus Services

This is a bus service between Kununurra and Derby 6 days a week. It will give you the opportunity to explore the Gibbs River Road. The Gibbs River Express is a luxury 4x4 air-conditioned bus that travels the 700kms from Derby to Kununurra in 11 ½ hrs. It offers access to all destinations along the route such as the gorges, cattle stations and holiday destinations.
If you're into bird watching, hiking, camping, wanting to see the incredible Kimberly gorges or want to experience life on a typical Aussie cattle station then this is the way to do it. Make your choices, stay where and when you want with a multi-stopover ticket. Runs May - September only.

Dinosaur Footprints

You can find footprints left behind by dinosaurs millions of years ago. Only visible during a very low tide. If the tides are too high you can always check out the casts that have been made that sit at the top of the cliffs.
If you do get the chance to walk out and check the dinosaur footprints please take care of the reef environment. It is very fragile. Wear thick soled shoes as stonefish are known to live on the reef.

stonefish broome

Horizontal Falls Adventure Tours

There is only one way to really capture the grandeur of the Kimberley and that is from the air. Once you step aboard a turbo-prop seaplane you will start to experience on of the best things to do ever.
Enjoy a relaxed flight to Talbot Bay where you will transfer to the vessel 'Rare Breed' to experience 'Horizontal Falls'. The falls is described by David Attenborough as "one of the greatest wonders of the World". Experience the unbelievable tidal powers that can be found in the Kimberley. You will be taken straight through the falls (tidal conditions permitting) - this you won't forget.

horizontal falls kimberleys

Flying Boat Wrecks

The remains of flying boats can be found about 1 km offshore from Broom's Town Beach. The plane wrecks are only visible at very low tides (be aware of the need for thick soled shoes.). The flying boats were ferrying civilians from Indonesia during the early invasion of Indonesia by the Japanese when they were pounced upon as they landed in the waters near Broome. A number of people were killed and boats sunk. What you can see are the remnants of these flying boats that were sunk by the Japanese attack.

Chinatown Natural Healing Centre

If you need to relax or feel the need to refresh  after a long and dusty trip, then the Chinatown Natural Healing Centre is just what you need.
Massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, naturapathy or homeopathy - there are all available here.
There is also a wide array of related items on sale such as books, tapes, incense, cards, oils and essences.

Japanese Cemetery Broome

Located on Port Drive you will find this one-of-a-kind cemetery. It is here that the early Japanese settler graves (many pearl divers died diving for pearls) can be found.
Photography is a must for this interesting historical thing to do in Broome.

Deep Water Point

If you arrive by boat you will probably anchor here as it is the anchor point for all visiting boats.
Here you will find the Broome jetty (great for fishing off) and a small sheltered beach for swimming (safe for children) and picnics. There are also restaurant and kiosk facilities.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Want to find out all you can about pearl farming as it is practiced today? Wille Creek Pearl Farm is where you need to go.
At the farm, 38kms north of Broome you will understand how Broome develops the world's best cultured pearls. You will see the intricate art of seeding pearl shells so that they produce wonderful round translucent gems of the sea. Discover the different types of pearl shells and get aboard the 'Willie Wanderer' to get to see the pearl shell beds in Willie Creek.

Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Tours

The local indigenous Broome people have a rich and diverse background. Mamabulanjin Tours offers visitors to Broome a wide range of indigenous experiences including escorted bush walks, spear and boomerang throwing and local stories of The Dreamtime (or The Dreaming as it is sometimes called)
The tours can offer you an insight into the traditions, history and contemporary lifestyles of the Broome Aborigines.

Staircase to the Moon

One of the most beautiful natural sights in Broome, seen across Roebuck Bay during a full moon rise, is the Staircase to the Moon.
The illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon is caused by the moons reflection on the wet mud flats.

Gecko Gallery

Located in the heart of Chinatown the gallery is Broome's best gallery for local Aboriginal fine art. Aboriginal art for sale and the gallery is also an outlet for drawing and painting supplies if you need them to capture, in your own way, your visions of Broome.