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Link building is a worthwhile activity for improving position on search engines (SEO) of your accommodation business but even better is link exchanging with sites in the same category as your own. If you are in the hotel, accommodation industry complete the accommodation link exchange form below. We'll then link from our popular site to your accommodation site in Australia or world wide.  If your accommodation is in Perth Australia we offer better than accommodation link exchanging. See FREE accommodation listing. If your site is NOT about accommodation but is within the 200,000th most popular sites as ranked by Alexa then feel welcome to apply for link exchanging.  Link exchange requests from non-accommodation Search engine losers will not be replied to without payment.

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If your accommodation sites wants to link exchange with Accommodation Perth AND your site popularity ranking is inside the 1,000,000th, complete the form below: If your site is not popular yet, a Secure ClickBank US$100 payment will get you on our accommodation link exchange page. Clients of 4 Web Marketing get free link exchanging.

  1. You will put a link to  somewhere on your links page.

  2. Your home page will have a link to your links page.

  3. Your links page must be a NON-DYNAMIC web page.

  4. I will review your site's popularity and check you've added our link.

    1. Title: Web Site Promotion 4 Web Marketing

    2. Description: Web Marketing Australia, search engine marketing, viral marketing.
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    Hotel Accommodation Perth Australia: Free searchable hotel accommodation Perth directory of hotel accommodation, Perth Western Australia

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      and or

  5. I will e-mail you after I have added a link to your site from ours.

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