Beach Holiday Accommodation Perth

What is the Best Way to Contact the Luxury Beachfront Holiday Hotel Perth:

Joan is a night owl so phoning her late Perth time still might suit your time zone but PLEASE you eastern staters of Australia, check Perth time before waking her up at the usual 6am  (9pm your EST)  She depends on others to send and receive emails because she dislikes email communications:  In particular poor email reliability these days for that all too necessary spam filtering, the lack of interactivity and personality means email is not reliable. Phone discussions provide both parties with immediate answers to their questions, such as for how many people accommodation bookings are for? On the flip side she runs a great, large, VERY clean beachside hotel in the best Perth location. If you have an internet connection without a telephone, I recommend to VOIP phone her via Ben's "perth-".  For only a few cents to Skype, you can call ordinary phones in most countries.  If you're in Africa or some island with very poor telco infrastructure, I recommend waiting till you get to a phone to contact our small luxury beach holiday hotel in Perth.

How Far is Your Beach Holiday Hotel from Perth

12 km from the Perth CBD. Scarborough Beach Map

Besides the Self-contained Beach Apartment, Do Other Beachfront Hotel ROOMS Have a Kitchen

No. They have: microwave oven, toaster, fridge, plates, etc.

How Far is it to the Indian Ocean from the BeachFont Holiday Accommodation?

94 metres

Are Shops Near the Beachfront Holiday Hotel?

Yes. 4 minutes walk to all the following Scarborough shops: "Coles" Supermarket, Butchers, Green Grocers, 24/7/365 BP, Restaurants, etc.

What About Balcony Views?

The Balcony Room and Luxury Honeymoon Room have large balconies with 200 degree, wonderful beach views.  Discount hotel rooms have NO balcony and limited beach views from their rooms.  The Self-contained apartment has a court yard with 80 degree beach views. All beach holiday accommodation have access to the communal, beachside, ground level, large warm sunny courtyard with 200 degree beach views and the cool shady sub-tropical garden area where you can mix with fellow guests if you choose.
holiday accommodation Perth

Are there other beach vacation rentals in Perth near you we can accommodate more members of our large touring group.

Yes, there is a bed and breakfast holiday rental next door and many other short term beach holiday accommodation rentals which link from

beach vacation rental Perth Australia

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